Chelsea grew up in Winnipeg, MB and has been involved in high-level athletics her whole life. An athlete at heart, Chelsea competed in everything from hockey to basketball, track and field to soccer…. you name it, Chelsea played it!

At 15yrs old, Chelsea moved away from home to pursue her hockey career and attend Notre Dame High School in Wilcox, Sk. Athletics and academics have always been equally important to Chelsea and that led her to attending an Ivy League school, Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Chelsea played NCAA Div 1 hockey for the Cornell Big Red for 4 yrs, winning multiple leagues championships and captaining the team her senior year.

From 2005-2012, Chelsea was also part of the National Women’s Hockey Program, playing for Team Canada’s Under 18 and Under 22 teams while working towards the Senior National Team. Unfortunately, a series of shoulder injuries forced Chelsea to end her hockey career in 2012. But with sports being such a huge part of Chelsea’s life, she decided to take up a new sport and got involved in bobsleigh.

Chelsea moved to Calgary in 2012 to pursue bobsleigh, and spent a number of years training with Bobsleigh Canada’s National Development Program while competing for Canada.  Chelsea also took up the sport of ball hockey while living in Calgary, and is currently a member of the Canadian Women’s National Ball Hockey Team, which is headed to Kosice, Slovakia in June 2019 to compete in the World Championships.

Aside from athletics, Chelsea graduated with a business degree from Cornell University, specializing in marketing a strategy.  Chelsea loves helping people, teamwork, and being involved in the community, passions which led her to becoming a police officer. Chelsea became a police officer with the Calgary Police Service in 2017 and has been serving the City of Calgary since.

Sports have always been such a huge part of my life and I just love being able to help other kids have the same opportunities that I did! Not only does sport promote a healthy lifestyle, it gives kids opportunities to meet new people and create some lifelong friendships. Sport allows kids to see the value in working hard, and provides a safe space for kids to learn how to succeed, how to deal with failure, and most importantly, how to be a good teammate and support the people around them… all awesome lessons that can be applied to any area of life!