Thank you SportJeunesse! 


My family, especially the three of my five children who benefited from your program, are extremely grateful.  Because of you, all three kids were able to continue on in a gymnastics program for about three years!  One of those kids, a boy with cerebral palsy, is now nine years old. Doctors told him that the best thing he could do for his development was to participate in as much physical activity as possible.  Going to gymnastics was the best therapy he could have had to support his physical growth, and one main reason he was motivated to go was because his sisters were going, too.  As a stay at home mom, our family only has one income, and out of the five kids I have, three of them have physical disabilities.  As you can imagine, that puts a lot of pressure on our family as we try to get everyone’s needs met.  Kidpsort helped us out at a crucial time in my son’s development and helped ease our load.  Thank you to all the donors!  We need you and are grateful to you!