Danita has always had a passion for the game, any game, and a family to support her down whatever winding road of sports which she endeavoured upon. Whether it was stepping up to the mound, going for the glory on the ice – Mighty Ducks style, of course, shooting some B-Ball outside of the school or getting into the deep dark depths of an intense game of cribbage, she has always brought her competitive game to the sporting world. Danita played with Team Alberta and represented at Westerns, Canadian Nationals and the Softball World Series. After overhearing her coach’s conversation regarding her performance during a game, her confidence took a direct C7 hit and sunk her mental battleship.

After this, she began her journey down the road of her educational background in Psychology and combined it with her 2 true passions – Traveling and Sport. Danita combines her wealth of psychological knowledge with an outlook on life as seen through the lens of her two children to bring a mental support aspect to Team KidSport. Danita believes all girls should have an equal right to access sport.