KidSport Edmonton Strengthens Their Commitment To Help Eligible Local Families


Funding increased to $350 per eligible kid as KidSport Edmonton looks to step up to the plate so more KidSport kids can join sport programs and get the chance to knock it out of the park!


EDMONTON, AB (July 27, 2023) – Today, KidSport Edmonton makes a significant announcement as they increase their commitment to the community, striving to get families in-need the support they need to get their kids laced up and on the field. Starting on August 1, 2023, KidSport Edmonton will raise the available funding per eligible kid from $250 to $350 for KidSport’s ‘So ALL Kids Can Play!’ Grant Program.


“The ability to increase funding levels comes from the generosity of community donors alongside a substantial grant from the Government of Alberta,” said Dayna Hyman, Executive Director at KidSport Edmonton. “Sport plays a crucial role in a kid’s life, it’s where they learn lifelong skills and are a part of a community. We believe that access to such crucial, and basic, childhood experiences shouldn’t be determined by a family’s financial capacity.”


The fee assistance program is set up to create equal access to sport programs for eligible kids in the community who come from families that face financial hardship. This is accomplished through an application-based program and once qualified, KidSport sends a cheque to the local sport club to subsidize sport registration fees. KidSport kids can participate in 70 different organized sports including team and individual sports, school sport, sport camp, recreation to elite sport programs and parasport programs.


“This year we have seen an increase in families seeking fee assistance as well as the average cost of sport increase across the board. So, today’s announcement is about rallying around Edmontonian families who need us, giving their kids an outlet by investing in their mental, social, and physical well-being through removing financial barriers and creating equal access to sport programs.” added Dayna Hyman. “We are grateful to our community of donors and partners who have given us the foundation and confidence to make this commitment to local families. As a grassroots sport’s charity, raising funds to support all eligible families who come to us is a constant process.”


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About KidSport Edmonton (KidSport Society of Edmonton)
KidSport is a non-profit organization that gets kids off the sidelines by removing the financial barriers that prevent eligible kids from participating in organized sport. We believe that the power of sport participation promotes the development of children’s social, mental and physical wellbeing. Through increasing access to quality sport programs, KidSport strengthens the community.



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