The Mighty Max Foundation recently donated $5,000 to KidSport Fairview! 💛💙💛 #SoALLKidsCanPlay

Max Sych and his family made this generous donation on behalf of the Foundation so their community can benefit first-hand from the enormous support Max received. KidSport Fairview provides assistance to local children that need a financial assist registering for sports … This chapter relies on donations to provide funds for the grants they distribute. 😊

Daryl Greenhill (Town CAO and KidSport Fairview Chair) and Connie Kramer (EEO & STM Family School Liaison and KidSport Fairview Grant Funding Officer) were on hand to receive the Mighty Max Foundation’s cheque from the Sych family. 👏

KidSport Fairview had initially delayed the announcement of this tremendous donation in hopes of finding a donor willing to match this $5,000 contribution. If you or your organization would like to provide a match, we would love to hear from you! 🤗


Check out Max’s website: or on IG here: @movingmountainsformightymax