This week you can find the Q&A with #TeamKidSportMB ambassador Shannon Birchard on the Sport Manitoba Podcast. Shannon talks about what her and her team did earlier in 2020 to prepare for a season during the pandemic, what their training and practice schedules look like now, and her past and future involvement with KidSport!


I love the message of making sure all kids can play because I think sports set such amazing building blocks for any child regardless of whether they play sports into their adulthood, you learn so much about yourself and about key things like accountability, perseverance, integrity, and teamwork.

Give your eyes a break this week and click the button below or listen on your favourite podcast app to hear more from Shannon.

We are so excited to have Shannon on #TeamKidSportMB! Shannon was featured in the 2019 Women of Curling fundraising calendar where she generously donated a portion of the proceeds to KidSport Manitoba in 2019. Keep in touch with KidSport Manitoba for more exciting updates we have coming up!


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