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Besoin d’aide?

We’re always happy to answer your questions - please send an email with your question to .

Qu’est-ce qu’une subvention?

KidSport provides grants to kids from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs and experience the lifelong benefits of a season of sport. KidSport Crowsnest Pass provides grants of up to $350 per eligible child, per year (January 1st - December 31st) towards sport registration fees.

Do you need equipment in order to play? Let us know, and we can make a referral to a partner agency. KidSport grants are intended to be used for sport registration fees, travel and competitions are not eligible for funding.

Critères d’admissibilité

KidSport Alberta uses the federal government low income guidelines plus approximately 50% to determine eligibility.

To determine financial eligibility for grants provided through the KidSport Crowsnest Pass, the applicant needs to submit one of the following documents. Proof of income for each adult in the home is required.

  • Canada Child Benefit Notice - page 1 and 2 most recent tax year
  • Proof of Income Statement -  accessed through CRA My Account (Needed for ALL adults in home)
  • Notice of Assessment for most recent tax year (Needed for ALL adults in home)
  • Alberta Health Benefits Letter
  • Proof of Alberta Income Support
  • Subsidized Housing Letter
  • Child Health Benefit letter

Si vous n’êtes pas certain d’être admissible à une subvention, veuillez nous envoyer un courriel à

Que dois-je faire pour demander une subvention?

  1. Remplissez la demande en ligne ou sur papier. Assurez-vous de fournir tous les renseignements demandés, car les demandes incomplètes sont beaucoup plus longues à traiter et peuvent occasionner des retards.
  2. Your completed application will be processed within 10 days of being received. If you qualify for KidSport funding, the grant will be sent directly to the sport program your child has signed up for.

You can submit a paper application by mail or e-mail:

PO Box 196
Blairmore, Alberta
T0K 0E0

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