KidSport Wood Buffalo is excited to have Rofyda Khaleel as an ambassador and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Here’s more on Rofyda’s involvement in sports and why she chose to become a KidSport ambassador:

“My name is Rofyda Khaleel and I am currently a first-year student-athlete playing soccer and studying nursing at Keyano College. I’ve lived in Fort McMurray nearly my entire life and from a young age, soccer has always been my passion. The drive and determination to succeed and constantly improve in the sport satisfy me however the people in our community that is connected to the sport including coaches, parents, and fellow athletes are the reason I’ve found a special relationship with soccer in Fort McMurray for so long. I’ve witnessed the impact KidSport has been able to have in our municipality enabling kids of all ages to find their love for their individual sports and I myself have the desire to give back to the place and people who have supported me for so long. For that reason, I am honoured to say that I have decided to become a KidSport ambassador and can not wait to see the future of this opportunity. “


KidSport wishes Rofyda the best in her future endeavors!

~ Seham Ahmed