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SportJeunesse Nova Scotia


SportJeunesse Nova Scotia

Together with our network of 13 local chapters, KidSport Nova Scotia provide grants to help cover the costs of sport registration and equipment fees so that all kids aged 18 and under in Nova Scotia can play a season of sport.

Managed and operated in Nova Scotia by Sport Nova Scotia since 1994, KidSport Nova Scotia has assisted over 33,000 children by granting out over $8.3 Million!

If you want to apply for a KidSport grant or learn more about the program details, start by finding your closest chapter or submitting your grant through the Provincial Fund.

Grant Amounts Are Increasing

Provincial funding to help make a greater impact

SportJeunesse Nova Scotia


Incidence provinciale

« SportJeunesse a donné à mes filles des possibilités que je ne pouvais pas leur donner moi-même et leur a enseigné des compétences de vie que je ne pouvais pas leur apprendre : la confiance en public, l’amitié, le travail d’équipe et l’esprit sportif. » – Témoignage d’un parent


Somme accordée aux enfants de Nova Scotia l’an dernier.


Enfants qui ont pu quitter la ligne latérale à Nova Scotia l’an dernier

En appuyant SportJeunesse, nous gagnons tous. Quand les enfants ont accès au sport, ils s’améliorent à l’école, deviennent de solides leaders, créent des communautés sûres, catalysent l’inclusivité et adoptent des habitudes saines pour la vie.

NOTRE équipe

KidSport Nova Scotia is made possible thanks to passionate volunteers and our incredible partners. Together we’re making it so no child in Nova Scotia is left watching from the sidelines.

Patrick Thompson
provincial coordinator

Born and raised in a small town in Prince Edward Island, Patrick was fortunate to participate in a variety of sports which helped him gain the skills which led him to where he is today. On the baseball field, badminton court, and hockey rink he developed life-long friends, experiences, and memories he would never forget. Now, Patrick gets to help families all across the province ensure their child gets to chase their sporting dreams just like he did.... So ALL Kids Can Play!