Shannon has been an outstanding athlete, on and off the ice, during her illustrious career.  She has advocated for KidSport in the past, and is now ready to represent the charity full time.  Shannon joins a list of several other accomplished ambassadors for KidSport PEI, who all see the value in sport participation.

From Mt. Herbert, PEI
-Warner Captain 2010-2012
-Clarkson Captain 2014-2016
-Team Atlantic Assistant Captain 2011
-Team Canada Development Assistant Captain 2014-2016
-2012 U18 World Championship Gold Medal
-2014 National Championship
-2014-2016 Nations Cup Championships
-Sport PEI Junior Female Athlete Of The Year 2012
-Sport PEI Collegiate Athlete Of The Year 2014
-Sport PEI Senior Female Athlete Of The Year 2015
-Hockey PEI Female Player Of The Year 2015

We asked Shannon to say a few words on what it means to represent the KidSport program, and why providing the opportunity to all kids to participate is so important:

“Joining team KidSport is important to me because it gives me a way to encourage and mentor future young athletes, I can teach the importance of sport and what it meant to me in my life. Sport has opened many doors for me both personally and professionally. I have learnt many life skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life and it has also taught me a healthy way of living which I can promote to the next generation.”