SportJeunesse Williams Lake


At this time, KidSport Williams Lake does not have any events planned. Prior to the COVID pandemic we participated in the "challenge" listed below, which was very successful at raising awareness for, and of, KidSport, and raising money for local families who struggle with financial barriers. We look forward to participating in other events in the coming year! Once we have our next event planned it will be posted here.

KidSport Williams Lake has teamed up with a couple of local RCMP members, Fraser Bjornson and Dan Cohen, and are hosting a new event called 4x4x48 for KidSport. This event will take place on the weekend of May 28th, 29th & 30th. The name is very lengthy, and possibly confusing therefore an explanation is needed. The concept, developed by local Corporals Fraser Bjornson & Dan Cohen of the RCMP, is based on the idea of David Goggins, and is an endurance event for people who like this kind of challenge .... similar to a marathon, Mud Runs, Triathlons, etc. Basically, a person enters, either by making a donation to, or getting pledges for, KidSport Williams Lake. They show up to the event and run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. Wow! This year there will be three sponsored events: a 4x4x48, a 4x4x24, and a 4x4x12. They all run off the same concept, that is 4 miles every 4 hours, but the first event is for competitors that would like to do it for 48 hours, the second one is for 24 hours, and the third is for 12 hours ..... something for everyone. This year, at this time due to COVID restrictions, the event will be for "individuals" only. IF the PHO changes the COVID restrictions before May 28th, then "teams" may also be allowed/included. This is a great opportunity for anyone who likes to compete in endurance events to participate in one close to home and help support our local KidSport Chapter. KidSport takes pride in keeping funds local and making sure that over 95% of funds raised goes directly into helping families get their kids involved in a sport of some type in Williams Lake. Please help Fraser and Dan make a difference in the life of a kid and their family in our community!