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SportJeunesse Williams Lake


SportJeunesse Williams Lake

Nous fournissons des subventions pour aider à couvrir le coût des frais d’inscription afin que tous les enfants de 18 ans et moins de Williams Lake puissent pratiquer un sport pendant une saison.


Notre section accepte les demandes et administre les subventions pouvant atteindre $300 per child/year, for kids who live in Williams Lake, or in one of the surrounding communities we serve. If you live outside of Williams Lake please contact the bureau provincial pour trouver la section la plus près de chez vous ou obtenir de l’aide par l’intermédiaire du fonds provincial.

Cariboo-Chilcotin Gymnastics Assoc & Williams Lake Gymnastics Club - Check us out on Facebook.
Williams Lake Bighorns Lacrosse - Check us out on Facebook


All funds raised by KidSport Williams Lake stay in our community to get local kids off the sidelines and into a season of sport. Let’s work together to build strong kids and strong communities!


Granted to kids in Williams Lake in 2022.


Enfants qui ont pu quitter la ligne latérale à Williams Lake l’an dernier

En appuyant SportJeunesse, nous gagnons tous. Quand les enfants ont accès au sport, ils s’améliorent à l’école, deviennent de solides leaders, créent des communautés sûres, catalysent l’inclusivité et adoptent des habitudes saines pour la vie.


We are so pleased that since the post pandemic "return to sport" has occurred we've experienced a significant increase in community applications and in our opportunity to help local families have their children included in local sports.  In 2022 we increased our funding by over 500%, which is fantastic!  We are here to support families in our community, and clearly it is needed and we've been able to help.  We pay so kids can play!

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KidSport Williams Lake is made possible thanks to passionate volunteers and our incredible partners. Together we’re making it so no child in Williams Lake is left watching from the sidelines.

Rick Miller

I am so honored to be a member of the KidSport Williams Lake Chapter!  I've been an active athlete all my life and was a PE educator for over 36 years.  From these experiences I know how important it is for children to be active and I've personally witnessed the need for financial help that exists in our community.  Being involved in KidSport Williams Lake gives me the opportunity to help families ensure their children stay active, healthy, and involved, which is so important to developing positive healthy living habits.  It's also extremely gratifying to see that our community actively supports these same goals and gives so generously to the KidSport Williams Lake Chapter.  I speak for all of our wonderful volunteers when I say "Thank-you" to our community, and good luck to our youth in their sport activities!

Elaine Sager - Registrar

Mike Franklin - Treasurer

Angela Lake - Assistant Treasurer

Jennifer Hack - Secretary

Fraser Bjornson - Facebook Manager

Chelsea Hamblin - Member at Large

Mark Carter - Member at Large

Helena Morgan - Member at Large

Derek Godin - Member at Large