Oil Country

Hockey Assist Program

Let's get kids out of the stands and onto the ice this year!

What is the Oil Country Hockey Assist Program (HAP)?

The Hockey Assist Program (HAP) is funded by the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation and funds a maximum of $750 towards registration fee connected to competition and season based ice hockey programs.


Living in Edmonton?

Step 1: Register your child in Hockey.

Hockey Edmonton provides options for minor hockey, recreational hockey, as well as pond hockey programs.

Step 2: Apply for funding through SportJeunesse Edmonton.

Step 3: If you require equipment, KidSport Edmonton will connect you with our equipment partner, Sport Central.

Approved applicants are eligible to receive up to $750 per player for their registration fees, as well as access to no-cost equipment from Sport Central.

apply through KIdSport Edmonton

For all families playing with Hockey Edmonton requiring assistance through the Oil Country Hockey Assist Program, please apply by clicking the button below.

Have questions?
Email: edmonton@kidsport.ab.ca
Phone: (780) 803-8765

Does your child need equipment?

Let us know when you fill out the KidSport Application!

KidSport Edmonton will refer families who need equipment to Sport Central for a proper equipment fitting.

Note: If your child needs equipment, we recommend you apply for KidSport funding two months before the sport begins and once approved for KidSport funding, a referral to Sport Central is provided. However, if you need equipment immediately, call Sport Central to set up an appointment directly (780) 477-1166.

For families outside of Edmonton area, there are options available. If you live outside of Edmonton, a remote sizing kit can be sent to you and equipment shipment options are available through our trusted partner Rosenau Transport Ltd.



We recognize that hockey can be confusing for new players and families. To assist with some questions and basics about hockey, we have created this Hockey 101 Guide to serve as a quick reference.

There are various forms of hockey for all skill levels and age groups, so let's find the best fit for you and your family!

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