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SportJeunesse British Columbia

The KidSport concept was launched in 1993 by board and staff at Sport BC as a way to help address the challenges faced by many families when registering their children in organized sport. From a modest start in that first year, issuing $35,000 in grants, KidSport has grown exponentially across the country and has become a truly national entity with 11 provincial/territorial chapters and over 180 community based chapters.

From humble beginnings here in BC, KidSport issued $2.1 million in grants to 7300 kids in 2019 and has seen significant annual growth, particularly in the years subsequent to the 2010 Winter and Paralympic Games in Vancouver.

Our mission remains the same….to remove the financial barriers that prevent some children from playing organized sport!

Our vision…#SoKidsCanPlay!

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joys of a season of sport. Abundant research exists that proves sport participation enhances academic performance, improves health and develops valuable life skills in the areas of teamwork, socialization, goal setting and time management.

KidSport believes that it truly takes a village to raise a child and our 40 community chapters are driven by incredibly passionate volunteers who, together with sport clubs in their communities, have a shared ownership in ensuring that no child is left on the sidelines.

Si vous voulez demander une subvention de SportJeunesse ou en savoir plus sur le programme, commencez par trouver la section la plus près de chez vous. Si votre communauté n’a pas encore de section locale, votre subvention proviendra du fonds provincial.


SportJeunesse British Columbia


Incidence provinciale

« SportJeunesse a donné à mes filles des possibilités que je ne pouvais pas leur donner moi-même et leur a enseigné des compétences de vie que je ne pouvais pas leur apprendre : la confiance en public, l’amitié, le travail d’équipe et l’esprit sportif. » – Témoignage d’un parent


Somme accordée aux enfants de British Columbia l’an dernier.


Enfants qui ont pu quitter la ligne latérale à British Columbia l’an dernier

En appuyant SportJeunesse, nous gagnons tous. Quand les enfants ont accès au sport, ils s’améliorent à l’école, deviennent de solides leaders, créent des communautés sûres, catalysent l’inclusivité et adoptent des habitudes saines pour la vie.

NOTRE équipe

KidSport British Columbia is made possible thanks to passionate volunteers and our incredible partners. Together we’re making it so no kid in British Columbia is left watching from the sidelines.

rob Newman
President & CEO, Sport BC
KidSport BC Fundraising Manager, Sport BC
Program Administrator, Sport BC
Allison Mailer
Communication Manager, Sport BC
Michael Peters
Financial Services Manager, Sport BC

SportJeunesse British Columbia