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At KidSport we believe sport powers kids. Getting in the game ignites a sense of belonging, shapes character, fuels better health, builds confidence and unleashes potential.

But the cost of registration fees can be a barrier for many families.

Through a confidential application process, KidSport provides grants to kids from families facing financial barriers to help cover the cost of their sport registration fee so they can experience the joy of a season of sport.

If you want to apply for a KidSport grant or learn more about the program, start by finding your local chapter. If your community doesn’t have a local chapter, you can apply through our Provincial Fund.

Our History

The KidSport concept was launched in 1993 by board and staff at Sport BC as a way to help address the challenges faced by many families when registering their children in organized sport. From a modest start in that first year, issuing $35,000 in grants, KidSport has expanded across the country and to become a national entity with 11 provincial/territorial chapters and over 160 community chapters.

Because the KidSport program starts at a local, provincial or territorial chapter, the impact of funding directly shapes sport in local communities. Each chapter—most of which are completely volunteer-run—raises funds, accepts applications, and distributes grants in its own community.

From humble beginnings, KidSport BC, inclusive of our 39 community chapters, has issued more than $22 million in grants to over 88,000 kids since 1993, including $2.6 million in grants - the largest single year grant distribution in our program's history - to fund sport for 7,742 kids last year (2023).

Today, our mission remains the same…to remove the financial barriers that prevent some children from playing organized sport #SoALLKidsCanPlay!


KidSport British Columbia


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“KidSport has given my daughters opportunities I couldn’t give them, and taught them real life skills I couldn’t teach them; confidence in public, friendship, teamwork and good sportsmanship.” - Parent


Granted to kids in British Columbia last year.


Kids helped off the sidelines in British Columbia last year.

By supporting KidSport we all win. When kids have access to sport they improve in school, become stronger leaders, create safer communities, ignite inclusivity and fuel healthy habits for life.

OUR Team

KidSport British Columbia is made possible thanks to passionate volunteers and our incredible partners. Together we’re making it so no kid in British Columbia is left watching from the sidelines.

rob Newman
President & CEO, Sport BC
Director, KidSport BC
Operations Manager, KidSport BC
Allison Mailer
Vice President Operations, Sport BC
Michael Peters
Vice President Finance, Sport BC