Thank you so much for selecting our children to assist. My son had a great soccer season, winning silver! My daughter will begin ballet in September she loves it and it is only through the help of KidSport that she can take classes this fall. It is only through your help that our kids enjoy, learn and grown through community sports. - Thank You


My daughter is 4 years old and asked to be enrolled in Ballet with a teenager and two children under 4 in the house things can get tight. This grant allowed us to have the opportunity we just wouldn't be able to afford right now. - Thank You


We have really enjoyed going to swim club. It has significantly improved my son's courage in the water! He has gone from not wanting any water on his head and face to diving underneath for rings and trying to do underwater flips. It has been an awesome learning experience for him that our family would not have been able to afford without the help of KidSport. Thank you so much.


Thank you KidSport for paying for my swim lessons. I really enjoy doing exercise and the swimming classes were a challenge but I passed my level. In the future I want to become a life guard.