The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games marked Jarome Iginla's third Olympics, and his second Olympic gold medal. Previously, he was a member of the gold medal Men’s Hockey Team at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. He also joined the Canadian team in their seventh place finish in Turin, Italy in 2006.

Iginla is a long-time KidSport supporter, pledging in 2000 to donate $1,000 per goal scored as a member of the Calgary Flames to the Calgary chapter of KidSport. Since then, he has increased his contribution to $2,000 per goal, with $1,000 also going to KidSport Canada to help children in all parts of Canada play sport.

“My grandparents believed in the value of sport and worked really hard to help my mom get me to hockey. Through sport, kids learn the value of fair play and respect for their opponents, and have a fun time doing it.”