In an effort to give a little more flexibility to families this winter, our friends at ESSO partnered with KidSport to randomly provide $200 gas cards to KidSport families across the country. Here is one of those family’s sport stories:

For Alexander, Kempo Karate is more than just a past time sport. It’s a hobby that’s turned into an important part of his weekly routine. At age 5, Alexander has already built an enormous amount of confidence on the mat, all thanks to the work he has put in with Spirit of the Dragon in Regina, Saskatchewan.

“After finding such a tremendous place [Spirit of the Dragon] I refuse to go anywhere else. It is a great community … they support the community.  This will enhance Alex’s character too,” said Billie, Alexander’s mother.

“I travelled back and forth and when Covid happened I had to sit in my car while he was in class. Winter was hard. I froze and would heat up car towards the end of his class for him. This past year gas prices were so high and with going to work and then taking him to class I was not sure I would be able to continue.”

Alexander’s success in Kempo at such a young age has been a tremendous experience for his mother Billie to watch. This is why for her, seeing his progress and commitment to the sport only enhanced her dedication to making sure he can continue to play.

“I was able to keep Alex in class over the winter. The gas card helped tremendously. I was overwhelmed by the email I received and breathed a sigh of relief…To show my gratitude and how you have helped a single mom keep her child in a sport that he loves,” said Billie.

“[Alexander] will not miss a day unless he’s sick. He has done some competition, which at age 5 paid for out of his birthday money…I can help him achieve his goals with the help from KidSport.”

We at KidSport are immensely inspired to hear the success of Alexander and Billie’s experience in sport!