Through the power of organized sport, we enable kids and our communities to come together and thrive.


1 Million Kids

From after-school soccer stars to Olympic Champions, the story of sport is the story of Canada. Since 1993, KidSport has helped nearly 1 million kids experience the joy of organized sport, and in return, sport has created all kinds of positive change for Canadians.

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Increases success in school

More physical activity equals more focus, motivation, and energy to succeed in school and reach post-secondary education.

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Cultivates leaders

When kids take part in sport, they practice teamwork and collaboration and build the confidence to become leaders.

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Creates Safer Communities

Kids who participate in organized sport are less likely to be involved in crime, which helps keep our communities safer for ALL.

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Ignites Inclusivity

Sport equips kids with a sense of belonging and teaches them how to include others. These skills build more inclusive schools, homes, and the communities at large.

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Fuels Healthy Habits

Participating in sport helps kids stay active and helps them form healthy habits that last a lifetime, reducing the burden on our healthcare system.

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Improves Mental Health

Physical activity and sport participation among children and youth has a positive impact on overall mental health and wellbeing.


By helping Connor enroll in his local hockey league, KidSport is bringing him one step closer to his NHL dream.


Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen impact from coast to coast to coast.

$0 M

$40+ million dollars has been raised to help fund grants for kids in communities across Canada.


Kids have received assistance so that they can participate in a season of sport.


$8+million dollars has helped support over 42,000 kids to play soccer alone.


Ambassadors Corner
Desiree Scott

See how sport skills give kids the life skills needed to succeed.