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If your community doesn’t have a local chapter yet, don’t worry! You can still apply for a KidSport grant through the Provincial Fund.

What is a Grant?

KidSport provides grants to kids from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs and experience the lifelong benefits of a season of sport. KidSport Ontario provides grants of up to $250 per eligible kid, per year (January 1st - December 31st) towards sport registration fees.

If the child needs equipment, we will make a referral to a partner agency. Grants are intended to be used for sport registration fees; travel and competitions are not eligible for funding.

Eligibility Requirements

KidSport Ontario reviews the financial barriers faced by the child’s family when determining eligibility for grants provided through the Provincial Fund, based on the federal government low income guidelines plus approximately 30%.

To determine financial eligibility for grants provided through the Provincial Fund, the applicant needs to submit one of the following documents.  Proof of income for each adult in the home is required.

Preferred Document:

  • Canada Child Benefit Notice-page 1 and 2 most recent tax year

Other Options:

  • Proof of Income Statement-each adult in the home- accessed through CRA My Account
  • Notice of Assessment-each adult in the home-most recent tax year
  • Income Support
  • Subsidized Housing
  • Child Health Benefit letter

 If you are unsure of your eligibility to receive a grant, please reach out to .

How Do I Apply?

  1. Find a sport program your kid would like to join and sign up. Let the program’s administrators know you will be applying for KidSport funding.
  2. Click here to find your local KidSport Ontario, or see if you are covered by the provincial fund
  3. Apply online or use the paper application form - be sure to complete all sections of the application, as incomplete applications take much longer to process, and can cause delays in receiving your grant.
  4. Your completed application will be processed within 30 days of being received. If you qualify for KidSport funding, the grant will be sent directly to the sport program your kid has signed up for.

You can submit a paper application by mail or e-mail:

PO Box 93004 Headon RPO
Burlington, Ontario
L7M 4A3


Apply Now

Or, send us a paper application:

Need Some Help?

We’re always happy to answer your questions - please send an email with your question to .

Current Application Deadline: 

The deadline is March 31, 2023, for all programs taking place between April - May 2023.

The deadline is May 31, 2023, for all programs taking place between June- August 2023.

The deadline is August 31st for all programs taking place between Sept-Dec 2023

The deadline is December 23, 2023 for all programs taking place between January- March 31st, 2024.

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