Why You Should Volunteer

KidSport Blog Post #7

At KidSport, we rely on many volunteers to keep our charity running smoothly - it’s because of their hard work and dedication that we have helped 133,605 kids since 1995. KidSport volunteers make it So ALL Kids Can Play and we are so thankful for them!

Today’s blog topic of volunteering also draws parallels to KidSport’s skill of the month back in  March 2020: When we help others, we learn. By helping others, volunteering can be a fantastic way to give back to the community while also learning many life lessons at the same time.

On Health Guide’s website, authors Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. and Lawrence Robinson suggest that there are four major benefits that people can gain from volunteering that can make them happier and healthier.

According to Segal and Robinson, these benefits from are:

  1. Getting connected to others

  2. Having a healthier mind and body

  3. Advancing your career

  4. Bringing fun and fulfillment to your life

Getting Connected to Others: 

Segal and Robinson suggest that volunteering is a beneficial way to get connected to others. Volunteers have opportunities to meet new people and make new friends - through an organization’s staff, and through other volunteers! Fundraising events (once they resume) are another great way to meet like-minded folks. Segal and Robinson also state that volunteering is a great way to develop your social skills (especially if you are a shy person).

At KidSport, our organization has many veteran volunteers, but we also have new people wanting to join our volunteer team every year. Because KidSport is a multi-chapter organization that is spread over 70 communities in Alberta, there is a good chance that you can find a volunteer opportunity almost anywhere in Alberta. On top of that, you’ll be able to meet people you’d never work with before (and make new friends along the way).

Having a Healthier Mind and Body:

According to Segal and Robinson, volunteering can help relieve stress, anxiety, and anger. It can also make you happy and decrease the likelihood of depression. The authors state that volunteering can increase self-confidence and provide individuals with a sense of purpose. And, especially in challenging and uncertain times, having a sense of purpose and meeting that purpose can be critical to your wellbeing.

KidSport Alberta’s network of volunteers helped over 13,600 kids last year - and our chapters are empowered to set their own goals and try new strategies for growing their impact. Our volunteers work as a team - locally, and as part of KidSport Alberta - and find purpose and accountability together!

Volunteering Can Advance your Career:

Segal and Robinson suggest that volunteering can help you gain beneficial job experience and meet people in the same field of work. Depending on the role, you can refine existing skills, or learn completely new ones. You may uncover a new talent!

At KidSport, we focus a lot on the message that sport skills are life skills. But skills learned from volunteering can also be valuable life skills too. Volunteering for KidSport can allow you to gain knowledge about many different hard and soft skills, like project and task management, teamwork, fundraising, marketing and communication.

Volunteering Can Bring Fun and Fulfillment to your Life: 

According to Segal and Robinson, volunteering can be an opportunity to explore your interests and passions. For those who want a new hobby, Segal and Robinson suggest that volunteering could be a good one, especially for those who have recently moved to a new community. And, unlike most other hobbies, volunteering is completely free. All you need is time and a good attitude.

If you are passionate about sports, kids, health and wellness, strengthening your community, and believe all kids should have access to organized sport, KidSport may be the right charity for your volunteering opportunity!

If, after learning more about the benefits of volunteering, you are ready to join KidSport’s team of volunteers, get in touch! We'd love to have you join the team!