KidSport Alberta has partnered with game-changing activewear brand, Under Armour to help build a positive, inclusive, and accessible sporting ecosystem for self-identified girls by eliminating the obstacles that lead to sport disengagement.

Under Armour is offering a 40% discount for girls who were approved for KidSport funding in Alberta in 2023, to be used on sports bras and sport hijabs at; by providing sportswear without barriers, it is our hope that young female athletes feel welcome in every arena and on every field – because girls belong in sport.

Many girls who enjoyed being active when younger have needlessly fallen out of love with sport in adolescence. The leading reasons being a lack of confidence and a fear of judgement – both because of their bodies and as well as their performance.

Teenage girls understand the benefits of being physically active but among the hurdles they face is a lack of affordable and religiously/culturally appropriate sportswear essentials. Historically, the sports industry has failed to support gender and sex diversity and inadequately respect religious or ethnic preferences. Our partner, Under Armour offers performance hijabs and a range of sports bras for growing bodies so that no one is left on the sidelines.

Sports bras are one of the most important pieces of equipment for girls who are exercising or playing sport, especially if the workout is at a medium or high intensity. A properly fitting sports bra can make them feel more comfortable, provide better support, offer a greater range of movement, and even mitigate things like back and shoulder pain.

Additionally, access to lightweight breathable hijabs allows young female Muslims to adhere to their religious beliefs, while never holding them back during their workout. The wearing of the hijab in sports can increase the participation of female Muslims and inspire younger generations of Muslim girls who wish to play sports, cultivating a feeling of inclusivity and acceptance.

The accessibility of sports bras and sports hijabs for girls isn’t just about clothing; it addresses an essential step towards building an inclusive and empowering sports environment for them. As the sporting industry responds to the requirements for its female athletes at an elite level, we aim to ensure young athletes at grassroots, no matter their level of ability, have the same support to explore their athletic potential and feel the joy sport brings.