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What is a Grant?

KidSport provides grants to kids from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs and experience the lifelong benefits of a season of sport.

KidSport Wood Buffalo provides grants of up to $600 per eligible child, per year (January 1st - December 31st) towards sport registration fees. Families must reside in the Rural Municipality of Wood Buffalo and meet our low-income threshold criteria to be eligible for athlete funds.

KidSport grants are intended to be used for sport registration fees; travel and competitions are not eligible for funding.

Eligibility Requirements

KidSport Wood Buffalo uses the following eligibility requirements to determine financial eligibility for grants:

  • Financial eligibility
  • Residence in Rural Municipality of Wood Buffalo
  • Direct referral from one of the following agencies: Alberta Health, Autism Society, Athabasca tribal Council, McMurray Metis and Waypoints.

If you are unsure of your eligibility to receive a grant, please reach out to

How Do I Apply?

Find a sport program your kid would like to join and sign up. Let the program’s administrators know you will be applying for KidSport funding.

  1. Click here to find your local KidSport Chapter, or see if you are covered by the provincial fund
  2. Apply online - be sure to complete all sections of the application, as incomplete applications take much longer to process, and can cause delays in receiving your grant.
  3. Your completed application will be processed within 30 days of being received. If you qualify for KidSport funding, the grant will be sent directly to the sport program your kid has signed up for.

If you need a paper copy please email us at to request a copy.

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