On Saturday July 25th, local cyclists Jackson Bocksnick and Ethan Pauly are taking on an EPIC challenge for KidSport: they’ll cycle the Bear Mountain Parkway, from Flint Ave to the summit 62 times, in order to achieve elevation gains equal to the accepted elevation of Mount Everest: 8848 meters…  They will begin our ride from the base of the hill at approximately 7:30 am and hope to finish the final ascent before 5:00pm.  Funds raised will support KidSport Victoria/Greater Victoria’s work, and specifically will help us ensure that Indigenous and Newcomer children and youth are not limited from participation in organized sport by financial barriers.


Please support Jackson, Ethan and KidSport Victoria/Greater Victoria in connection with this incredible effort: follow on our Instagram, and at @tagcycling, @ethan.pauly, @jacksonbocksnick.  To donate, please visit https://secure.kidsportbc.org/registrant/startup.aspx?eventid=340119. The guys would love to see you cheering from the route, or joining them for a lap!  Please consider heading to Bear Mountain on July 25th to see them in action.