We are back with another #TeamKidSportMB Q&A! This week we are featuring one of the original members of #TeamKidSportMB, Doug Brown, retired Winnipeg Blue Bomber Defensive Tackle and 8 time CFL All Star. Read to learn more about Doug and his experience in sport throughout his career.

What sports did you play growing up?

Competitive swimming, hockey, rugby.  A little basketball, volleyball, and squash too.  Pretty much everything but football.


If you didn’t pursue your sport what would you have done?  

I always wanted to be a lawyer, because I never pass up the chance for a good argument. 


What is your favourite sport moment from your career?  

When we won our 12th consecutive game in 2001, tying an all time record, and the defensive game ball I got against Tampa Bay in 1998. 


How has sport shaped your life?  

It teaches you that nothing is more critical than persistence, determination, and work ethic.  Sport can also open up a lot of doors for you, post career.


What is something you would tell your younger self before you got into your sport?  

A university degree isn’t enough.  The more education you can get, the better off you will be.  


What advice would you give to kids who are new to your sport?  

Talk to someone who has been on the path that you want to be on.  And you can’t ever be too good at the fundamentals of football.  


What is the biggest goal you have achieved in your career?  

Canadian Football Hall of Fame. Multiple seasons and starts on an NFL roster.  


How did your amateur career prepare you for your professional career?  

University football gives you a crash course in time management, which is a useful tool at the professional level.  


Who has inspired you throughout your career?

The players and coaches I worked with in high school and at university that didn’t have the same opportunities I did.


Why did you get involved with KidSport?  

Sport has impacted my life in countless positive ways.  The lessons you learn from team activities and competition, are applicable to whatever you do in life.  Aligning with an organization that strives to remove financial barriers, for kids to participate in sport, just makes sense.


Why is KidSport so valuable to Canadian communities?  

So all kids can play.  It shouldn’t matter what your background is, or financial situation.  All communities should have access to organized sport for the kids that live there.


We hope you learned more about Doug! We are so lucky to have him on #TeamKidSportMB to help make an impact in our community, so ALL kids can play! Doug hosts an annual football camp for kids each spring which has raised thousands of dollars for KidSport Winnipeg. Keep in touch with KidSport Manitoba for more exciting updates we have coming up! 

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