Behind every KidSport donation is a success story. A recipient may trade in their jersey for a whistle, start as a Timbit and best on Team Canada, or become a first-generation graduate. Each KidSport journey is unique, but the common theme is the power of sport.

A child’s ambition to win that ribbon, pass that ball, or make that homerun translates into a valuable skillset that they’ll carry throughout life. To ensure every kid gets a shot, Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation (NSEF), Volleyball Nova Scotia (VNS), Baseball Nova Scotia (BNS), Hockey Nova Scotia (HNS) and Soccer Nova Scotia (SNS) have all chosen to donate to the charity. We’ve checked in with a few of these philanthropic organizations to learn about why they’ve decided to prioritize KidSport.

“Anytime a child who loves horses gets to not only dream of experiencing the joy of riding, but actually gets to ride because of KidSport is a huge benefit to us,” says Heather Myrer, NSEF executive director. “We support KidSport because funding goes directly towards horseback riding programs for as many children as possible.” NSEF knows that supporting KidSport means putting kids first. The sport organization has contributed over the years, but in 2019 they chose to put KidSport at the forefront. “We decided to make KidSport a priority as it directly impacts children who otherwise would not be able to participate in a riding lesson or program,” says Myrer. “The great thing about this charity is that they support a child’s sport of choice. Without KidSport, lots of horse-loving children would not have this opportunity.”

“We want everyone with the desire to play volleyball to have an opportunity and we recognize registration fees can be a barrier. It only makes sense for us to support an organization that focuses every day on solving that problem,” says Jason Trepanier, VNS executive director. Not only does KidSport tackle financial barriers, it cultivates a more diverse sport environment. “For us, supporting KidSport has let our membership know that we are about building a strong community and we want everyone to feel supported and welcome.”

Brandon Guenette, BNS executive director reflects back to what baseball gave him, “I grew up playing this game and it has given me so much. The friendships, life lessons, and experiences gained through baseball could not be replaced. I can’t imagine not having baseball in my life.” Aware of the positive impact, BNS steps up to the plate for KidSport. “Knowing what this sport can do for a person’s development, we feel every kid should have the opportunity to grow up and develop in the supportive environment that sport provides. Kidsport makes this happen,” says Guenette. A KidSport donation is an investment in kids, an investment in your community and as Brandon Guenette put it, “an investment in KidSport is an investment in your sport.”

To date, KidSport Nova Scotia has helped over 31,000 kids participate in organized sport. If you, or the organization that you represent is interested in donating, please contact for more information.