KidSport Ontario is poised to provide access to twice as many kids in 2024 to participate in Karate, Judo, Taekwondo through a generous donation from Sidekick To Success, a community based foundation focused on supporting Martial Arts programs across the province.

The partnership between Sidekick To Success and KidSport Ontario was formed out of a desire by both organizations to increase the number of children and youth participating in Martial Arts. The initial contribution of $25,000 from the foundation will fund 100 kids who will receive grants to cover registration fees and equipment costs at pre-approved schools. KidSport Chapters will work closely with the schools to reach into the community, bringing awareness to the new funding and grant program available to them.

“Youth participation in Martial Arts in Ontario is on the rise,” states Sara Restani, Executive Director of KidSport Ontario. “However, we are also seeing the costs associated with it rise even faster and fewer financials support options available for the smaller sports. Sidekick To Success has come in at the perfect time to make it a little easier for struggling families to give their kids the opportunity to benefit from Martial Arts. We are excited about the creation of this fund and the opportunities it will bring.”

Beyond the physical activity and strength building of Martial Arts, kids learn skills like self-discipline and self-confidence, mental well-being, and focus and concentration. These skills translate off the mat and into their school and home lives in many positive ways. The sport continues to grow across the province, allowing for more children and youth to experience the personal development and build up their self-esteem.

“Its been a dream of mine after 30+ years of martial arts training to be able to provide the benefits that martial arts has given to my personal and business success to kids in need,” said Saud Juman, Co-Founder of Sidekick To Success.

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About Sidekick To Success

SideKick to Success was founded by lifelong martial artist Saud Juman along with his wife Sheba Siddiqui. The very first martial arts school to pilot the program was Morningstar Taekwondo in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. It has been a dream of Saud Juman to help kids in need of martial arts training gain access to this valuable activity and remove as many barriers as possible. The martial arts have given Saud a framework of courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit to live by. The goal of SideKick to Success is to pass these important virtues on to as many kids and youth as possible.

The program is open to all martial arts styles and martial arts schools and families that qualify. The program is funded by The Sheba Siddiqui and Saud Juman Foundation.


About KidSport Ontario

KidSport Ontario is the provincial arm of KidSport Canada, a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment costs to kids aged 18 and under. Through a confidential application process, KidSport provides grants that enable kids to play a season of sport through assistance with sport registration fees and equipment costs. KidSport believes that the power of sport participation promotes the development of children’s social, mental, and physical wellbeing. Through increasing access to quality sport programs, KidSport strengthens communities across Ontario.


Current listing of approved programs:

Morningstar Taekwondo –
Yong Hi Taekwondo –
Montano Taekwono –
Johnson’s Taekwondo (Ottawa)  –