The 2024 IIHF World Junior Championships ran December 26, 2023, to January 5, 2024, in Gothenburg, Sweden. While Team Canada did not advance to the medal round, the charitable organization, KidSport Ontario, was considered triumphant in a way from the tournament.

Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO), Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO), and The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF)  were happy to partner with Hockey Canada for the 2024 World Junior Hockey Championship 50/50 Draw. The proceeds from the 2-week tournament draws fund positive grassroots initiatives, directly impacting the Members, Associations and participants in the game of hockey throughout Ontario.

“The Ontario Hockey Federation is always excited to participate in the Hockey Canada 50/50 draws during the World Juniors tournaments,” said Will Metske, Director of Operations with the OHF. “As one of 3 Ontario Hockey Members, and Hockey Canada’s largest Branch, we know Ontarians are huge fans of the World Juniors as we embrace the opportunity to watch and cheer during the tournament. But we are also so proud that the proceeds of the draw help to benefit grassroots hockey across our province.”

With a donation of $30,000, it is projected that Ontario Hockey Members’ generous contribution to the KidSport Ontario program will help 120 children gain access to hockey programs across the province.

“We are grateful to the Ontario Hockey Members for recognizing the valuable work that KidSport Ontario is doing in communities across the province to help boost hockey participation,” said Sara Restani, Executive Director of KidSport Ontario. “Our goal is to help remove financial barriers to sport and make it easier for kids to play. This donation is going to ensure we are able to do just that and reach even more kids in the hockey community.”

About the Ontario Hockey Members:

Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO), Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO), and The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) are Provincial Sports Organizations as the Hockey Canada governing bodies for amateur hockey in Ontario. Each new hockey season the HEO, HNO and the OHF provide administrative resources, coordinates programs, services and events for its hockey participants and the Members.

About KidSport Ontario:

KidSport Ontario is the provincial arm of KidSport Canada, a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment costs to kids aged 18 and under. Through a confidential application process, KidSport provides grants that enable kids to play a season of sport through assistance with sport registration fees and equipment costs. KidSport believes that the power of sport participation promotes the development of children’s social, mental, and physical wellbeing. Through increasing access to quality sport programs, KidSport strengthens communities across Ontario.