Alex Kopacz, born in London, Ontario, is a 2018 Olympic Champion in 2 man Bobsleigh. He started the sport of bobsleigh at the age of 23. At the time, he was completing his education at Western University, in Mechanical Engineering with a concurrent degree in Physics and being a thrower on the Western Mustangs track team. Back then, Alex was 280lbs and easily the strongest man on campus. However what he didn’t know, was just how fast he was. On a bit of a dare and curiosity, Alex participated in the 60m race of Western’s yearly inner track team meet. To everyone’s surprise, Alex made it to the final 8 and had a personal best time of 7.24s in the 60m and made the men’s sprint team standard. Later in that same year, Alex participated in a 4x200m race that resulted in a win as well as completing his leg in 23.2 seconds. At this time, Alex was being encouraged to jump into football, rugby or…… Bobsleigh! One of the sprint coaches did the sport and helped Alex prep for the first try out. The rest is history.

The best thing to have ever happened to Alex was moving to Germany, where he met my dear trainer Olaf Hampel. Together he turned Alex into the Olympic champion he is today.

In his free time you can find Alex dancing, playing music including guitar, piano, trumpet, and violin, boxing, rock climbing, biking or swimming. He enjoys reading and watching movies, and is a huge fan of sci fi and fantasy. Alex has always been a dreamer and loves to imagine new designs and potential products for his future company. Alex has a passion for languages. He is fluent in German, Polish, English and currently learning Russian and Spanish. He hopes one day to be a part of space exploration!

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