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KidSport Crowsnest Pass

KidSport supports children who need financial assistance with sport registration fees. We provide grants to help cover the costs of registration fees so that all kids aged 18 and under in Crowsnest Pass can play a season of sport.


Our chapter accepts applications and administers grants of up to $350 per child/year for kids who live in Crowsnest Pass.  It is a one-page application process and we promise it is easy to fill out, but if you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at crowsnestpass@kidsport.ab.ca, we would love to connect!



In subsidized sport registration fees in 2023.


Sport Opportunities provided to Crowsnest Pass Kids in 2023.


All funds raised by Kidsport Crowsnest Pass stay in our community to get local kids off the sidelines and into a season of sport. Let’s work together to build strong kids and strong communities!

OUR Team

Kidsport Crowsnest Pass is made possible thanks to passionate volunteers and our incredible partners. Together, we’re making it so no kid in Crowsnest Pass is left watching from the sidelines.

Kean Mitchell - Chair
Marty Neumeier - Treasurer