Message from the Chair

As I write this message the entire world is faced with significant uncertainty and unprecedented
challenges due to the COVID19 pandemic. These challenges will undoubtedly have a substantial impact
on the social profit community, including our organization. In the face of this adversity I could not be
more proud and grateful for the incredible progress KidSport Wood Buffalo has made in our first year as
a registered society. Thanks to every person and group that has supported KSWB, we are well-positioned to make it through this difficult time and come out the other side being able to support our
community when it will need the benefit of sport more than ever.
In 2018, KSWB celebrated the substantial growth of our organization and set our sights on establishing a
strong foundation, focusing on sustainability. In 2019, we made significant progress in these areas and have many new accomplishments to celebrate. In our first year as an official society, we expanded and
diversified both our membership and our board of directors. We welcomed Jamal-e-Fatima Rafat as our
new Executive Director. Jamal has been an unbelievable addition to KidSport and has worked tirelessly
to promote sport for the youth of our region. We look forward to all the great work she’s going to
continue to do and her help in advancing the KidSport vision. We significantly increased our community
engagement and established new partnerships with like-minded organizations, including the Keyano
Huskies, the Wood Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame, Balanced Sports, and Harvard Broadcasting. Additionally,
we continued to strengthen longstanding partnerships with organizations such as the United Way,
Syncrude, Northern Elite Football, and many community sport organizations. We built on the success of
previous years’ events and hosted our 2 nd Annual Superbowl Party and our 3 rd Annual Winterplay booth.
We also supported new events including the Mark Messier Golf Tournament and the 1 st Annual
Northern Elite Football Camp.
These activities, along with the efforts of our Executive Director and many volunteers, enabled us to
achieve and exceed many of our goals. KidSport Wood Buffalo provided over $136,000 in athlete
funding to 382 young athletes. We were successful in supporting more female athletes and nearly doubled
our support for indigenous athletes. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to represent all
the great people who make KidSport Wood Buffalo a success: our society members, volunteers,
community partners, ambassadors, donors, board members, and our wonderful Executive Director.
Thank you so much for everything you have done.
Looking forward to 2020, I am confident we will prove our resiliency as an organization, make it through
the COVID-19 pandemic, and support our community in the recovery process. In 2020, the positive
benefits of sports will be amplified as our community looks to regain a sense of normalcy and close the
social distance brought about by the virus. Meeting this mission will not be without challenges,
especially as the economic impacts will likely result in an increased need for our services, but I am
confident our team has what it takes to succeed.
Thanks again for a great year!

Brayden Kijewski

Board Chair
KidSport Wood Buffalo