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KidSport Kamloops is a local chapter of KidSport Canada. We are a not for profit organization that works to remove the financials barriers that otherwise prohibit a child from playing sports. Funds raised locally are spent locally and are distributed as grants to cover registration and/or equipment fees associated with participation in a season of sport.

Sport and physical activity provide invaluable opportunities for kids to learn teamwork, fair play and dedication. Through sport participation, kids learn how to set goals and work to achieve them — all while having fun and learning social and fundamental movement skills. Kids in sport benefit from increases in self-confidence and tend to lead happier, healthier lifestyles, now and in the future.

For more information please email us at kidsportkamloops@sportbc.com or call 250-828-3822

Our chapter accepts applications and administers grants of up to $625 per child/year, for kids who live in Kamloops, or in one of the other communities we serve. If you live outside of Kamloops please contact the Provincial Office to find your nearest chapter, or to get support through the Provincial Fund.


All funds raised by KidSport Kamloops stay in our community to get local kids off the sidelines and into a season of sport. Let’s work together to build strong kids and strong communities!


Granted to kids in Kamloops last year.


Kids helped off the sidelines in Kamloops last year.

By supporting KidSport we all win. When kids have access to sport they improve in school, become stronger leaders, create safer communities, ignite inclusivity and fuel healthy habits for life.

OUR Team

KidSport Kamloops is made possible thanks to passionate volunteers and our incredible partners. Together we’re making it so no kid in Kamloops is left watching from the sidelines.

Scott Andruschak

I have worked indirectly and directly with KidSport for almost 20 years first as a charity supplier of clothing and then a board member when I moved to Kamloops in 2007. It was a privilege to accept the role of chair in 2014 for the Kamloops Chapter. Our committee continues to be a diverse group of caring volunteers that bring tremendous value to the community by helping our local youth access sport.


Elsa Poppleton- Vice Chair

Jim Vigna, Treasurer

Clint Andersen, Secretary

Duncan Olthuis, Board Member

Sean Smith, Board Member

Bob Smillie, Board Member

Jan Antons, Board Member

Carrie Neal, Board Member

Audrey Trim, Board Member

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