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KidSport Squamish


KidSport provides grants to help cover the cost of sport registration fees, so that all kids aged 18 and under can play.

Squamish is supported by the KidSport BC Provincial Fund, which supports all communities in BC without a local chapter, which can provide grants of up to $400 per child per calendar year. If you live outside of Squamish, please contact the Provincial Office to find your nearest chapter, or to get support through the Provincial Fund.


All funds raised by Kidsport Squamish stay in our community to get local kids off the sidelines and into a season of sport. Let’s work together to build strong kids and strong communities!


Granted to kids in Squamish last year.


Kids helped off the sidelines in Squamish last year.

By supporting KidSport we all win. When kids have access to sport they improve in school, become stronger leaders, create safer communities, ignite inclusivity and fuel healthy habits for life.

The Squamish is supported through KidSport BC's Provincial Fund. Together we’re making it so no kid in Squamish is left watching from the sidelines.