I am 16 years old and started playing sports when I was 8 years old and I’m involved in football, basketball, hockey and martial arts and also enjoy golfing and skateboarding. I enjoy sports because they keep me active and I get to meet new people.

Sport has taught me so many skills including routine, structure and how to play well with others. When I first started in sports I was getting in trouble and had some pent-up anger but sport allowed me to let go and do something constructive to keep me balanced and structured.  

I have been temporarily down but I won’t be giving up on sports, in April of 2022 on my way to school I was hit by a construction truck and broke my femur, knee cap, wrist, both shoulders, ankle and so forth, today I am able to walk and am healing at a fast rate while growing taller my mom says. It was hard but sports is a part of me.  

I’d like to share about my favourite coach who made a huge impact in my life, his name was Rob Thompson, he had patience and took the time to understand me as I have ADHD, that patience and understanding made a world of difference to me as a kid. 

A message to donors, partners and mom: 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to be involved with sports. I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to play if it wasn’t for KidSport.  KidSport has given me the chance to be in sports that I continuously learn from. My mom is amazing as she’s a single mom and I just want to say Thanks mom for everything you do for me. 

The opportunity to be in sport has helped change my life and I am grateful that you are making a huge impact on kids’ lives across our province.

Thank you