Attention KidSport Calgary & Area – Comrie’s Sports Bank – Families, Sport Club Partners, Volunteers and Supporters

Effective Immediately, KidSport Calgary & Area and Comrie’s Sports Bank will be closed to ALL PUBLIC.  This includes sport club cheque pick up, application drop off, sports equipment donations and drop offs and sport equipment outfitting appointments. 

 If your sport clubs know of any pending applications where the program will be cancelled please let us know so we can remove those applications from processing.  If your programs have been cancelled or ends up being cancelled please communicate your refund policy to us so we can work on a plan to credit kids available funds back to their accounts as well as work out a plan to receive associated KidSport funds back from your club for those families in line for your club approved refund policies.

 KidSport Calgary & Area and Comrie’s Sports Bank will continue to monitor the COVID – 19 and minor sport situation as it continues to evolve.  Please know that our commitment to low income families and their kids’ access to sport is unwavering and when sport returns we will have a plan in place to act quickly and efficiently in supporting KidSport kids and their sporting pursuits.  This will include an update on available funding, fundraising plans, equipment donations and outfitting, volunteer and donor engagement and a public update on all processes and timing.

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 We thank you for your patience during this time. If your organization has any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact our team as noted below

 Sport Club Partners

 KidSport Families

 Comrie’s Sports Bank Inquiries –              

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time of uncertainty.


Kevin Webster
CEO – KidSport Calgary & Area – Comrie’s Sports Bank