KidSport Calgary and Calgary Minor Soccer Association Team up to launch the inaugural KidSport Cup!

50 Minor Soccer Teams will get do their part in making it #So ALL Kids Can Play!

As someone who has benefited from KidSport Calgary's support, I know firsthand how important their help is" "Soccer brings people together to enjoy our beautiful game. KidSport makes sure every kid can join in, no matter their family's financial situation. I encourage all teams to join the KidSport Cup and help raise funds so we can continue supporting soccer in Calgary & Area. Let's work together to give every kid the chance to play and enjoy the sport we all love. Your participation means so much and will make a real difference. Thanks for your support, and let's make this a big success!" - Samuel Adekugbe - KidSport Ambassador, Vancouver Whitecaps and Canada Soccer Player

Each year over 2,000 low-income kids in Calgary & Area need the support of KidSport Calgary & Area so they can play the great game of soccer. The KidSport Cup has been created through a partnership with the Calgary Minor Soccer Association and KidSport Calgary to help inspire teams to give back and team-up to further support the thousands of kids who are needing assistance to play the beautiful game.

Teams starting at the U10-U19 level are eligible to participate in the inaugural KidSport Cup. Teams interested can apply here with the goal of being one of the first 50 that will share the field in year one of the KidSport Cup. Each team will personalize their plans to give back and grow the game of soccer by creating some fun and interactive ways for their networks to get involved in supporting their goals.

I am very excited to be apart of this years KidSport Cup event. Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the country and KidSport has been exceptional in fundraising and helping unprivileged kids play. For me, soccer in Calgary has been the biggest part of growth in my life, it's helped me become a professional athlete and it's helped me complete my Psychology degree on scholarship. I encourage everyone to register for the KidSport Cup and be apart of helping young kids achieve their dreams.  - William AKio