As Comrie’s Sports Bank re-opens its doors we want the public to be aware some changes around the donating of sports equipment.

We are asking that all equipment be placed in a clear plastic bag when being dropped off.  If you are unable to have it in a clear plastic bag please ask at the dealership as they will have bags available.

We are currently prioritizing our “ask” for specific sports equipment.  At this time, we are accepting summer and outdoor activity sports gear.

Soccer Equipment

Baseball Equipment


Racquet Sports

Skipping Ropes

*If possible we are asking families/groups to please hold onto your hockey equipment until further notice.   We thank you for your understanding as we look to support the many families in need at this time.  Hockey equipment will be part of our next phase in receiving sports donations.

Please also remember the equipment we are looking for is for kids.  If you would not put your kids in it, we probably can’t use it.  We provide a service of outfitting 18 and under kids with no cost equipment for all sports.  If you have gently used equipment that can help in local child in need please donate.

Comrie’s Sports Bank supports thousands of kids each year.  As there is a growing need for equipment and keeping kids in sports, we want to ensure that the equipment being donated is clean, current and not outdated, and free from broken parts to ensure safety of the kids receiving the equipment.

Please have all equipment bagged in clear plastic bags.

Donating at our Wood Automotive Group Locations –

Please have all equipment bagged in clear plastic bags. Bags are available at the dealership if you don’t have one.

Woodrdige Ford

11580 24 St SE,
Calgary, AB T2Z 3K1
(403) 253-2211

Okotoks Ford
4 Westland Rd,
Okotoks, AB T1S 1N1
(403) 306 0360

Advantage Ford
12800 Macleod Trail SE,
Calgary, AB T2J 7E5
(403) 225-3636

Big 4 Motoros
7330 MacLeod Trail South,
Calgary, AB T2H0L9
(888) 270 3139

Village Honda
7663 110 Ave NW,
Calgary, AB T3R 1R8
(403) 239-3900

Driverz Auto
625 77 Ave SE #7,
Calgary, AB T2H 2B9
(403) 764-2886

All Makes Collision
10860 46th St. SE,
Calgary, AB, T2C 1G4
(403) 536-0518

Please contact a dealership representative if you need a bag, and one will be provided for you.

For any further questions about donating new or your gently used sports equipment, please contact us – 403-202-0251