From a young age, Dawn had been drawn to sports, pushing to be the best version of herself. Along the way in her athletic journey, she found bobsleigh at the age of 19, which shaped her into the athlete she is today. Dawn learned the true meaning of giving it her all and showing her efforts through the ups and downs. She has competed in world cup races and world championships. Still, her proudest accomplishment was getting 8th at her first Olympics (2022) in less than four years of being in this sport.

I chose Kidsport because, as an athlete, I find passion in watching individuals development and grow and reach their potential. Throughout childhood, I had many mentors (teachers, coaches, relatives) who believed in my potential and guided me toward the path I choose today. I couldn't be more grateful for them. It would be to give back to the community and guide kids on their path to success, regardless of the field.