When I was younger, I was given the opportunity to play thanks to kidsport and now this feels like a full circle moment where I can help give back!

William Akio has a Bachelor Of Communications & Psychology. He is an experienced, driven athlete that wants to set examples for younger athletes aspiring to become professional. Coming from a big family of 7 and William moved to Canada as a refugee in 2000 from Kenya, Nairobi. Growing up in Calgary William feels lucky to have gotten the opportunity to move to Europe in 2022 and live out his dreams playing premiership football in Scotland. Now that he's gained some experience, focusing on the youth and shift of soccer in Canada is something he wants to be part of.

"Soccer is my life, it's given me an education in America, a professional career, and an opportunity to help give back to young kids. It helped keep me out of trouble and kept me focus on my career so I can help provide for my family.'