After a great summer, school is back! Viewpoints by Closer to Home Community Services is excited to announce a new program for youth aged 8-17 during the 2020-2021 school year.


Walk'n Talk Child & Youth Mentoring


This program is accessible to all Airdrie children and youth between the ages of 8-17. Walk'n Talk is an individualized mentoring program that pertains specifically to the mental health of the participant. All participants will be encouraged to take part in the design and topic choices so that their time is best utilized to support their unique social-emotional skill development needs. The program is based on scheduled sessions that take place in community areas such as parks, cafes, etc. or online. Viewpoints has a special appreciation of the often confusing and difficult step-ups that children and youth face as they grow. Walk'n Talk is designed to help create a space where topics that are relevant to participants in their growth can be discussed and listened to by a new friendly and caring adult.


Walk'n Talk Child and Youth Mentoring is a skill-building preventative program and does not provide therapy for mental health issues or crisis. In the case that a participant is in need of crisis or intervention-based mental health services the Youth Facilitator can provide information and referrals to such resources.


Registration is ongoing and can be flexible to the schedule of participants. For more information about registering or referrals, contact