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The KidSport program in Manitoba is managed in part with the help of local volunteers. Volunteers assist in a number of essential roles in a variety of fun events and activities throughout the year. Consider volunteering at one of our special events or hosting your own fundraiser to help us to raise funds and promote our program.

KidSport volunteers understand the importance of sport in a child's life and believe in our mission... So ALL Kids Can Play!

If you’re interested in being part of the enthusiastic, KidSport Manitoba North Region-based team that makes it So ALL Kids Can Play, please get in touch! Send an email outlining your interest to, or give us a call at 204-925-5911 . Thanks for your interest in supporting our cause!

How to Apply

Learn more about available volunteer roles in our guide.

Complete the volunteer application form, and we will be in touch!



Make KidSport your charity of choice for golf tournaments, weddings, birthdays or recognize someone in the community through a tribute donation. KidSport is a great fit for any community event.

KidSport is also a great way to bring your workplace together: Events like Jeans/ Jersey Fridays, holiday parties, client appreciation BBQs, baseball tournaments, and office hockey pools are all made better by adding a charitable component. Donate a portion or all of the proceeds to KidSport Manitoba North Region.

Need help getting started? Get in touch - we’re game for whatever you can dream up!

Donate to KidSport

All funds raised by KidSport Manitoba North Region stay in our community to create sport opportunities for local kids.

Become A Sport Club Partner

If you are part of a club and want to make your sport more accessible to local kids facing financial barriers, KidSport Manitoba North Region can help. Encourage families to apply for a KidSport grant at registration time, So ALL Kids Can Play!

Our sport club partners do so much more than deliver the programming that gets kids into the game - many also fundraise for KidSport, and donate leftover funds at the end of the season - tapping into the real power of kids helping kids.

Please partner with KidSport Manitoba North Region in our mission of giving the gift of sport to all kids! Contact to discuss partnership opportunities.


Donate For Kids Like Devonte

For him, getting in the game ignites a sense of belonging, shapes character, fuels better health, builds confidence and unleashes potential.